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Up-and-coming pop artist Brii Elliss is a singer-songwriter who brings a certain closeness to her lyrics, giving testament to the power of storytelling in music. With an Irish father and Puerto Rican mother, her voice and life experiences create a unique blend that filters into her songs effortlessly, showcasing a sultry R&B chill-pop soundscape that captivates and entrances listeners. Working with Grammy-winning producer Synematik to create her signature buttery sound, Brii pulls inspiration from artists like Amber Mark, H.E.R., Snoh Aalegra, Jhene Aiko, and Jazmine Sullivan, with a deeply rich tone that is quickly creating a buzz in the music community. A New Jersey native who has been singing since she can remember, Brii was on the path to stardom by the age of 12, having already auditioned for the famed X-Factor show and made it through several rounds. Throughout high school, she continued pursuing this passion by writing new songs and recording them, honing her piano skills, and preparing to move to LA where she attended college at Loyola Marymount University and graduated with her Bachelors degree in music. As she began to record her own music she realized how much she needed music to be center stage in her life. "I'm in my element when I am recording and surrounded by other creatives. It feels like home to me, and it's still my happy place today." Needless to say, her happiness and passion in the studio shines through her work as her debut single garnered over 17K streams upon release while showcasing her authentic songwriting and silky low voice. Fans have already started rallying behind her and eagerly anticipate what's to come next for this budding artist. Lucky for them, Brii has lots of new music up her sleeve for 2023 and plans to share her soulful vibe with the world... one song at a time.

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released  AUGUST 18TH


released  AUGUST 18TH


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LOS ANGELES, CA (March 17, 2023) - Brii Elliss just released her seven-song pop album “Solitaire.” Inspired by Elliss’ experiences being single and dating, the name “Solitare” was fitting because solitaire is a game that is played alone. Elliss wants the album to spark empowerment, love, forgiveness and exploring the emotions that come with falling in and out of love. Each song is about a different experience Ellis had while dating. 

"What You Do to Me" explores having feelings for the wrong person, who does not treat you right. Brii Elliss shares that “It's about wishing you could push those feelings away and ignore them because you know it isn't right, but still coming back for some reason. I've learned that sometimes the chase is exciting and fun but if love is what you're looking for, it won't end well.” Similarly, the final song “Spades” is about a relationship that didn’t work out. Written about a person that was so different from Ellis, they couldn’t be a match. Despite this realization, the feelings were still there, so she was at an impasse and unsure of what to do. “I didn't want to end things because I really enjoyed spending time with him, but as time went on it felt like a decision had to be made and I knew it wouldn't become anything serious,” says Ellis. Writing this song was a way for Brii Ellis to contemplate how to move forward.


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